ꨄNever stop working towards your dreamsꨄ

ꨄNever stop working towards your dreamsꨄ

Hello, beautiful soul.

The past months have truly transformed my life. I've relocated to a serene home by nature and the ocean, which has opened new horizons.First of all, let me introduce myself ~ I'm Sandra, originally from southern Sweden (Malmö), and I've journeyed across the globe, living in diverse places. Since 2010, my husband and I have called Oslo our home, and now, we reside in Nesodden. I am very happy that life brought us here ~ and I am deeply grateful for all the processes I have been going through by coming here.
In 2017, My Mala Garden was born, an initiative close to my heart. I craft Mala Beads with love, using natural materials, care and blessings. These beads symbolize self-empowerment, self-love, and the pursuit of one's dreams. Each piece I create, for both men and women, is a sacred connection to your true self, fostering healing, joy, and transformation.My purpose is to share love, light, and blessings globally through these soulful jewels, adorned with crystals and ancient symbols. Each piece is cleansed and blessed before finding its new home. They're handmade with precious stones and ethically sourced materials, every knot and tassel crafted with love by me.
You can even have your wildest Mala jewelry dreams custom-made by me ~ the possibilities are endless.
This year has been about change, rest, surrender, and embracing my inner world. It led me to let go of old identities and beliefs, although it wasn't easy. Mother Earth guided me inwards, unveiling a deeper calling. I'm creating from a place where prayers and creativity intertwine to connect the wearer with their true nature. This is my Dharma ~ weaving ancient wisdom into unique jewelry pieces.
Thank you for making me a part of your journey
~ Sandra 🍂🧡🍂
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Thank you so much for this beautiful blog post!
I’m so happy for you, and your jewelry is so unique 🙏 Keep on doing what you are doing! 🤗


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