The moon is about to be born again and in the meantime everything is possible. Is it now time for you to manifest your dreams? If you are new to astrology, the new moon is the time of the month when the universe serves you blank sheets and crayons. It is a time to reset, manifest, set new intentions and simply start over. During this new moon, both the sun and the moon are in the fire sign of Leo, and it's about how you express yourself and whether it's in line with what you have inside.

Are you living in harmony with what brings you genuine joy?

This magical New Moon encourages you to get back to what you're passionate about, do what feels right and spend time on creative projects.

As you journey through this season, connect with your joy. Do things that brighten your energy and remind you about what you love most in this world. These activities can be big or small, but allow them to be a priority above your daily obligations and commitments.

If you feel like spontaneously dancing in the rain, staying up till 3 a.m. laughing with a friend, or taking the day off to do something you love, do it—and do it with your whole heart.

The season is a time to follow your heart and let it lead you to experiences that restore your energy, heal you, and allow you to connect with what you find most important in this world. 💛



Here are 3 questions for reflection:

* What do you love about your life?
* How can you embrace vulnerability and let it help you instead of block you?
* How can you live more aligned with joy than fear?

𖦹 Let the magic begin! 𖦹

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog post – it really inspires me :)
Much love, Sun


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