Time to charge those crystals, light a candle, clean the space with incense/sage, and connect to your center and know that your ability to create any energy comes from this place 🌕
We are now reaching the end of a significant cycle with the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse. This eclipse marks the completion of a series of eclipses that began in January 2022 when the lunar nodes entered Taurus/Scorpio. Take a moment to reflect on the previous lunar eclipses in Taurus, which occurred in November 2021 and 2022, to see if any similar themes or cycles are arising for closure.

Consider making relevant changes to approach things differently moving forward. This full moon is a time to determine where you are ready for more in your life and step into your true potential.

 Let go of anything that has kept you out of alignment and utilize the energy of the lunar eclipse to release it. Establish stable inner foundations, recognizing your worth and deservingness of what you desire, while trusting and believing in yourself.

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