~ The Process ~

~ The Process ~

Each mala that I make comes from a deep place within. A place beyond mind and matter. Its an inner calling ~ an inner flow that takes me on a journey into the unknown. It's truly an art, a craft, a direction and an expression of an energy in a manifested form.

The design comes to me in various ways. They can come through dreams, meditation, stillness, walking in nature or when I put the stones out on the board. It can a few minutes to see the design from within, other times it can take a few hours/ days.

The patterns and stones represent more than just a mala. They are the coding, the guide and the blueprint to help you in various ways towards alignment and healing.

Through the practice you can open up to the channel between you and the divine ~ through prayer and recitation, connecting with the source. Aware and listening. Awakening to the realm of enlightenment.

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