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Chocolate Moonstone

Chocolate Moonstone

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Chocolate Moonstone 🍫😍🌛

Is a rare find of moonstone crystal. Once called the travelers stone, moonstone was used for protection against the dangers of travel. It was also a talisman of good fortune. Useful for success in business matters, promotes inspiration and enhances intuition. . It is a "feeling" stone, enhancing understanding via intuition and emotion rather than via intellectual reasoning. It can be helpful in alleviating emotional tension and enhancing creativity and self-expression. This is the stone of love and is Useful for success in love.

Use Chocolate Moonstone crystal for uniting the astral and physical worlds, emotional healing, balance, and goddess magic.

If you want a custom made bracelet/mala/necklace for yourself or to give away as a gift, send me a mail:

This bracelet can be adjusted "macrame style" in closure and the minimum size is 15 cm. Handknotted in Oslo, Norway. This beautiful bracelet comes with a "gemstone meaning" card and bag.

Beads: AAA ~ Chocolate Moonstone
Size: 8 mm
Charm: 18k Gold Plated

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