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Mala Repair

Mala Repair

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If your jewelry is damaged within the first six months from ordering, your repair is free. We then ask you to email before you send the jewelry back.  When placing the order please include a description and/or picture of your mala, if any beads are missing, what type of beads, and any changes you would like made to the mala.

In both the yogic and Buddhist traditions, a broken mala is said to symbolize the breaking a cycle of suffering, a spiritual breakthrough, and a release of karma or other negative traits. A broken mala can be seen as a positive sign of progression along one’s yogic path and an auspicious opportunity to reflect on the blessings of peace, luck, and prosperity received from the use of the mala beads.

Consider asking yourself one or more of these questions to further guide your reflection:

What changes have you been going through lately?
Do you see and feel the intentions of your mantra practice have been fulfilled?

Is there a new direction, purpose or goal that you have been contemplating on?
Are there any attachments that you're still holding on to?

Do you feel to repair or replace your broken mala?

Depending on your process and beliefs, you may wish to restring your mala. This would be recommended if you feel the mala broke prematurely or if you don’t feel complete in the mantra practice you were using it with. You may also wish to restring it and instead of using it for japa meditation, use it as a gemstone healing talisman.

1. Put the broken mala on your altar as a reminder of the spiritual work invested in it.
2. Create a ritual of letting go of intentions or seeing your intentions actualized as you bury or toss the mala into a body of water.
3. Cut a small section of the mala to carry in your pocket as a reminder to be present and to use to count a few mantras on the go.
4. Reuse some or all of the beads in a necklace or bracelet as a reminder of your journey with the mala as well as to receive the positive energy and blessings of the beads.

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